Monday, August 8, 2016

Summit 30th Anniversary West London-style Ale

Damn, why don't I have any "Skol! To Nearly a Third of A
Century! pint glasses?
Summit West London-style Ale, Third in a Series of Celebratory Ale. Traditional Premium Bitter, Nutty Malt, Complex, Fruity Hops. All. 4.9% by Vol. Brewed and canned by Summit Brewing, St. Paul, MN.

Clear, bright golden hue, hefty white head, lasting long and leaving lace.

Aroma's nice and hoppy, lemon-y, citrus-y, bold and bright.

In the mouth: Fresh and zesty. Alert and lively. Hoppy up front, crisp and clean malts out the back. I have to admit that this "West London Ale" is not a style that I'm familiar with, but I leave it to the knowledgable folks at Summit to know what they're talking about. It's lean and clean and drinks down ever-so nicely, guv'nor. Blimey, it does.

There ain't nothing wrong with this one, folks. It's good beer, and you can drink it.

Final thought: I was wondering about this West London-style Ale designation, and why I've never heard of it before, and it just hit me. This is their way of doing an ESB, without having to use the word bitter. Way to go, guys!

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