Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Victory Prima Pils

I got a visit from the sample man today. He brought different samples than last time. Not that he's a different sample man, but that he now brings samples from a different brewery. Jumping ship, they call it. And the brewery he sampled me has only appeared in this blog four times. What? And the two bottles he brought weren't among them. How? I looked back and saw that I reviewed Victory Prima Pils for the first time (and probably last) in December of 2002. Huh? Yeah!

Here's what I wrote back then: Huge, lacey, white head, sparkling foam.

Aroma has citrus notes, lemon zest, flowers, and pineapple.

Delightfully light texture, long, welcome finish. Truly this must be the thinking man's "lawnmower beer". Possesses a certain zing that reminds me somehow of Duvel.
 I'm normally an ale man, but I would never pass up on this pilsner.

Are the fine folks of Downington, PA aware that among their modest ranks walk these brewing gods disguised as mortals?

How do my comments of nearly 14 years ago hold up? Well, that last line is a bit of a kisser-upper, that's for sure. I'm going to drink it again and see.

Yeah, it's still pretty good. I say go drink one. You won't be sorry.

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