Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dave's BrewFarm Jimmy Thinks You're Hot

Forgive the background, if you will, please. Sonny Boy the Cat
just wants to photobomb them all. 
Dave's BrewFarm Jimmy Thinks You're Hot. 6.9% ABV.

Deep amber/crimson coloring, lush and long-lasting creamy, off-white-ish head. Looking great.

Aroma: little bit from fruity malt, some hop bitterness, excellent balance, and a hint of a Belgian-twist from the yeast (I'm thinking, just a guess). All in all, gives off a feel of a Belgian amber ale.

In the mouth: Mmmm. Big 'n' sweet, lush, malty, turning dry in the end. Big caramel and toffee. Nothing but delicious, truth be told. The Belgian yeast thing is bringing it big time, malt is lush and lovely, hop bitterness remains minor.

I had this at the taproom, I read the description, and I forgot it all, as I forget just about everything these days, and opened my growler with a clean slate of mind. Now, I've unearthed the menu and can divulge the official word of Farmer Dave: "A nod to all the third person people! Pale, Caramel 120 malts, and Flaked Oats, Select and Azacca hops, fermented with a Belgian-lineage yeast. Dave hopes you enjoy it..."

It's a beer whose name has nothing to do with the beer (inspired by a Seinfeld character), and a beer that fits no mold you've ever known before, like so many other LaBrewATory beers before it. This is so nice, also like so many BrewFarm beers before it.

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