Thursday, August 18, 2016

Great Dane Texas Speedbump IPA

This past Saturday, August 13, I was able to attend Madison, Wisconsin's Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival for the fifth time, and on their 30th Anniversary year. This time I did things a little differently. Instead of getting into town on Friday for all the pre-fest festivities at the Mad-town bars, my companion and I arrived just in time for the fest Saturday afternoon, and jumped right into the whirlwind of beer. Five hours later, after standing in the sun, having one great MidWestern beer after another (don't ask me "what was the best?" or even "what stood out?": there was too much great beer!), we couldn't do any after-partying either.

But I simply had to have a slice of Madison before leaving for home, so we set up camp on the bar stools at the Great Dane Brewpub, and I had an IPA I have every time I come here, the Texas Speedbump. I wrote notes on it when I brought a growler home eight years ago. Here they are:

August, 2008:

texas speedbump ipa, great dane, madison, wi

Hazy apricot/peach, small white head...(at the pub, it was larger, but growlers can't always be perfect, I guess.)

Spicy citric hop aroma greets the nose, grapefruit, lime and mango...zesty, gorgeous, uplifting. Does the name refer to the armadillo, and is there some amarillo hop in here. Probably Cascade & Centennial?
Either way, I love it!

Big time bitterness swims the palate, bless the tongue and lips with delicious, citric goodness. Spunky, tasty, with a long, fruity finish.

It's an India Pale Ale I know I'll enjoy anytime I come to the Great Dane.

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