Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bauhaus / August Schell Hot Tropic Pilsner

Bauhaus & August Schell's Hot Tropic Pilsner. A little bit about it:  The beer is a classic German pilsner beer that we fermented with Schell's lager yeast. The hops in this beer, however, are anything but traditional. We used some really amazing hops from New Zealand to provide a very tropical hop profile. We're describing this beer as a New Zealand-style Pilsner that we're calling Hot Tropic. Here's a little bit more: 4.7%, 40 IBU. Created for the In Cahoots event at Red Stag, which I was not able to attend. Glad I'm getting a keg of it, and a Crowler to taste before I tap it.

Clear, bright golden coloring, slim white head atop.

Aromatics: floral and floral, tropical indeed, and utterly delightful. Pineapple and papaya popping out from the hops. Love it.

In the mouthL Mild, but lasting bitterness starts it off, with perennial pineapple and papaya. Delicious, with smooth malt, lean body, easy drinking. This is all kinds of goodness, an ingenious creation. Wow. Just about nothing but wow.

I forgot. Also, yum.

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Anonymous said...

Had it at Terzo on tap in Minneapolis. Really nice. So glad there's a microbrew willing to a) make lager/pilsners and b) make unpretentious and drinkable beers. (Sorry, not a fan of the massive IPA's being pumped out of every brewery.

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