Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Barley John's Brewpub 3rd Flight W.I.P.A.

Barley John's Brewpub 3rd Flight White IPA. 6.9% ABV. (More technical info at bottom.)
Barley John's Brewpub, New Brighton, MN, a place I haven't been to in a bit, but need to soon for Breweries One by One. Meanwhile, my friend Andy brings me growlers of his beer. What a pal.

Hazy golden appearance, long-lasting ivory head. Looking good.

Aroma: Big citrus, huge grapefruit and orange, pungent hop attack. I'm digging this.

In the mouth: Massive hop bitterness pounces the palate. Once that pummeling passes, it's smooth and cool. Silky wheat malt makes it all good. I'm not getting much from the "White ale" side of the "White IPA". Is this the kind that has the wheat, but not the coriander, orange peel or Belgian yeast? There's orange, but is it from the hops?

The answer is found on the website, which is just the technical facts: 6.9% ABV |  94 IBU’s Malts Used: 2-row, white wheat, Munich Light| Hops Used: Falconer’s Flight, Cascade | Yeast: American Ale  |  Available in: 5oz | 16 oz | 750ml | 64oz Pitcher | Growler Current Tap Status: On Tap!

Should it be a "wheat IPA" rather than a "white IPA", since the only thing is has in common with a Belgian white is wheat? These are just the questions I ask myself.

Nonetheless, it works as an IPA, that's for sure. Good one, Andy!

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