Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Borealis Fermentary Mumbling Mime

Borealis Fermentary Mumbling Mime. Ale brewed with spices. 8.5% ABV. 27 IBU. Knife River, MN.

Deep, dark brown color, vast cocoa-tinged head, very impressive.

In the nose: Malt, spice, dark fruit, a beautiful blend. Cocoa and cream, caramel and cola, with a dose of cinnamon and clove.

In the mouth: Sweetness and spice are on top here, it's large and in charge. All that from the nose bouncing on the palate, nicely spicy, malty, yum. Full bodied. Tasty. Smooth. Lots of anise in the flavor.

The Good King did not look kindly on the fact that the childrens' missing harvest licorice candy was found in his own court jester's quarters. Following a trial, the clown was given a lobotomy, and sentenced to hard labor, spading and drying peat to feed the castle's furnaces in the upcoming winter months.
Black,chocolate, and peat smoked malts. Star anise, licorice root, and four other spices give us The Mumbling Mime. A beautiful beer for any holiday occasion. Cheers!

Is it a crime to drink this in July? Then I am guilty.

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