Friday, July 21, 2017

Sisyphus OPA2

Sisyphus OPA2. American version of Oatmeal Pale Ale. 7.2% ABV. 60 IBU. Sisyphus Brewing, Minneapolis, MN.

In the eye: Lightly hazy, bright orange coloring, sizable and staying slab of ivory foam above.

In the nose: Soft, and lightly hoppy. Subtle and likable.

In the mouth: Pop! There go the hops! Nice, bright and bubbly attack of the bitterness, followed by nothing but smooth. Silky smooth oat malt mouthfeel runs this one, and it is damned tasty. Citrus and tropical fruit notes continue to play on the palate.

This went down so easy, and tasted so good I was a little taken aback. Like, it was too good or something. Don't neglect this one, go down there and drink some.

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