Friday, July 28, 2017

Fulton 72 Stretch Gose-style Ale

Fulton 72 Stretch Gose. 4.6% ABV, 12 IBU. Fulton Beer, Minneapolis, MN.

Clear, bright yellow, lush ivory head above.

In the nose: starts out tart, citrus-y, spicy, and a little salty. Coriander?

In the mouth: Fresh and zesty. Nice citrus flavor throughout. Very lime-y. Low bitterness. Wonderfully smooth and drinkable.
Just enough tart, just enough salt, clean and refreshing, light bodied, and beautiful. Great gose and you can drink it.

One unfortunate side effect of the current popularity of the Gose style is that so many drinkers now are under the mistaken impression that they need to be overpoweringly, puckeringly sour. It just isn't true. Try a genuine Leipzig gose and find out for yourself. This one is much closer to a true gose than the sourer stuff that American breweries are churning out.


72 Stretch is a clean fermented Gose style ale. The malt bill is comprised of pilsner malt and 35% wheat with a touch of Acidulated and Munich malts. We utilize Herkules, Perle, & Summer hops to create a gentle bitterness and pleasant hop aroma. We also add Mediterranean Sea salt & coriander to the kettle to create the classic Gose characteristics.  We ferment the beer with a clean ale strain and then dry-hop the beer with lemon & lime zest. The result is a refreshing, citrus-forward ale with hints of melon & stone fruit. 

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