Friday, July 21, 2017

Forager Sherpa's Survival Kit

Forager Brewing Sherpa's Survival Kit. At last, at long last, I have you to myself. 8.5% ABV. Forager Brewing, Rochester, MN.

Deep, dark blackness, rich, brown head. Looking great for an Imperial Stout.

In the nose: Ah! It's here! Chocolate comes first, followed fast by coffee, rich and deep and dense and beautiful.

In the mouth: Bitterness takes hold first, matched swiftly with dense chocolatey malt flavors Coffee is right behind. Alcohol reaches up, kept company with fudge, brownie, espresso flavors, and more, and more, and more. It's incredible, really. Everything I want in one neat little package. Smooth, delicious, delightful. I love it. Love. It. Ain't nothing wrong with this one, and a helluva lot right.

I look back on my experiences with this beer. I did not choose a glass on my first visit last March, tasted Jason's, and regretted not having one myself. Wished they had crowlers available, but alas, no. My next taste was a crowler being shared at Sisyphus late last December, but according to the photo I used on Untappd, it was the Breakfast Kit variation. Cut to 10 days ago, when I journeyed down to Rochester with Dave, and once again this beer was on, and I made sure to get a glass and was thrilled that crowlers were on hand. Next time, I'm taking, I don't know, five home with me and make myself 5 times happier.

Black with a thick espresso foam. Cocoa, baking chocolate and rich nutty coffee waft from this complex stout. Flavors of brownie batter and fresh ground coffee complement the rich array of specialty roasted malts. This stout finishes smooth and medium dry with assertive bitterness.

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