Monday, July 10, 2017

Drekker Valhalla Series Cocout Killer IPA

Drekker Coconut Killer IPA, India Pale Ale with Coconut, Vanilla & Lactose. Drekker (not Trekker, damned autocorrect. "drekker" is a made up word, by the way) Brewery, Fargo, North Dakota.

My first canned beer from this Fargo brewery that I visited last summer. One day I'll get to that post. Just you wait and see.

Coconut killer IPA. There's a whole lot of writing on the label, but I can't read it. 5.6% ABV. 40 IBU.

Highly hazed, bright golden color, lush milky white head, leaving lace. 

In the nose: Getting the coconut right away, sweet and roasty. Citrus hop notes just below. Lemon and coconut, not bad. 

In the mouth: Sweet and bitter gets on board from the start. Hop bitterness blazes the palate, with coconut flavor keeping pace. Beautiful mouthfeel, more mix of bitter and sweet. Smooth oat malts keep it humming.

If you say "coconut IPA" to me, my mouth doesn't swing northward and my feet don't leave the ground. I can't really say the concept holds much appeal to me. Some flavor combinations belong with certain styles rather than others. Flavors that work great in a porter or stout don't necessarily lend themselves to be being blended into an India Pale Ale. But, this one? Not bad. I wouldn't reach for one on purpose (except when I just did), but it ain't bad. Go ahead and drink it. 

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