Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dogfish Head SeaQuench Session Sour

Dogfish Head SeaQuench Session Sour. Three parts German-style beer: kolsch, Berliner Weisse, and gose, "blissfully brewed with lime juice, lime peel, black limes, & sea salt."

Here's one I could have written about when I had a few kegs on at Acadia, but I've already established that I'm not too fond of taking notes at work. It was an enormously popular, and we'll bring it back soon. When we drop a beer like this, it's not, as people like to say, "getting rid of it." It's a rotation, folks, we move to something else. Also, the affordability of the pints of this one made some of the more expensive sour ales on tap fall from favor. It hadn't occurred to me that choices were being made not on the nature or the quality of the sour ales available, but on the affordability. Well, duh, why spend $10+ dollars on a 12 ounce pour when you can get a pint of $6 or $7. When all you want is the sour. I guess.

I got a can as a sample from a Sample Man who did not know that we were already on our second keg of the stuff. Fine, I'll use it to review, and so I crack the can and take the notes and away we go....

Alc. by Vol. 4.9% ........

Lightly hazed, bright yellow, slim white head.

In the nose: funky, wild, spicy. Tart. Vegetal, fruity. Lotta lime.

In the mouth: Starts tart and very refreshing. Lime flavors take command, and there's nothing going on butt the tart and the sour.  Bright and citrusy. And the salt, tons of salt. Lightish bodied, low bitterness, lean malt body. And oh, so refreshingly sour.

I like it. This is a great one for summer, of course. But, not for me, I need to switch it up for something hoppier, something beer-ier. But, by all means, you go right ahead. Drink it up.

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