Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Broken Clock Sundial Citrus IPA

Broken Clock Sundial Citrus IPA. 6% ABV. 83 IBU. bottled on 7/5/17.

Another Broken Clock sample bottle, the brewery whose name reminds me of either the saying that a broken clock is always right twice (which would be worrisome), or the opening lyrics of a Tom Waits song. But it's actually a different meaning. That's  when the clock is broken and time can stand still and cannot control us and we are not constrained to schedules and such. Which can actually explain those lines from "Rain Dogs." Whoa.

Clear, amber/auburn hued, lush white head, lasts long.

In the nose: nice and fruity, bright, pineapple and papaya, lemon and orange. Nice.

In the mouth: Smooth, malty, touches of caramel, but little hop bitterness. It's there, but fairly mild. It's certainly doesn't look or taste like anything labeled "Citrus IPA." for that, I'd expect less malt, especially caramel malts, and more spotlight on a citrus hop charcter. This is a fine beer as is, a decent IPA, but doesn't really deliver what's promised in the name.

Those minor quibbles aside, I'd happily drink another.

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