Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Oliphant King Beezo

Oliphant  King Beezo India Pale Ale with Amarillo & Polaris hops. 6% Alc./vol. Canned on 5/30/17, purchased in Minnesota on a Sunday, by God, 7/2/17. somerset, wi.

Clear-ish, bright, bold gold, slimmed white head.

In the nose: Citrus and spice, mighty nice. A bit subdued at the start.

In the mouth: Big bitterness at the fore, leading the palate. Outsized citrus flavors here, pungent, astringent, intense, and just what a hophead craves. Dry. Oh, so, dry. Cleans out the roof of your mouth dry. Brittle, even.

A very digable IPA for Hophead Me. They don't all have to be "juicy."

What's a King Beezo, I wonder, of course, and when I Google it the first few hits are of the beer itself. When I look down, it could be a rapper of a character from a video game, or who knows what. Doesn't matter. Good IPA and you can drink it.

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Anonymous said...

King Buzzo mixed with Bees!?! which is the base recipe (it's bees?!? and armadingo hops & honey).

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