Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sisyphus Is That A Cucumber In Your Pils?

This Is ITACIYP ? 2.0, I guess. I had the previous version on tap and in a growler, but did not take notes. This new batch also includes lime as well as cucumber, but the name is not changed. Recipes slightly different, but the "same" beer. It's okay, I don't think it matters. Let's drink some, alright?

Is that a Cucumber In your Pils? 4.5% ABV, 25 IBU. Sisyphus Brewing, Minneapolis, MN.

Clear, bright golden hue, slim, white head.

In the nose: Lime pops out. Cucumber creeps in. Slightly sweet and citrus-y, low bitterness, nice.

In the mouth: Pow! Cucumber takes charge from the start, with lime right behind, keeping it in check.  Light bodied, clean, crisp, with a lingering malt flavor at the bottom. One thing this is for sure is tasty. If you don't care for cucumber, of course, you'd be best off staying away. Smooth and easy-drinking. The cucumber flavor grows and grows in the mouth as we drink away, with the lime aiding and abetting on the side.

Nice, nice, nice. Let's just say I like this one.

Part of our Employee Designed Beer series. You have Chris to thank for this tasty and light summer treat. But really, do you have a cucumber in your pils?

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