Sunday, July 30, 2017

Oliphant Strawberry C.H.U.D.

Oliphant Strawberry C.H.U.D. Lager with strawberry flavor. 4.8% alc. by vol.

This is a strawberry version of the one Oliphant beer I don't think I have ever tried, C.H.U.D.Weiser. I'm not into lagers, as has been routinely established here again and again. Nothing wrong with them, just not, as the kids say these days, my jam. Or even my jelly. Pilsners, eh, maybe. But I never chose them, I never desire them. It's currently very vogue to say how much you like a lager or a pils, but I'll stick to my guns, not where I like to go. Give me the pale ale, IPA, porter or stout, bring on the barley-wine, and make mine a dubbel.

And when I go to Oliphant and see a lager in the middle of all that other stuff, I'm glad they have one for those who need it, but not for me, friend, not for me.

But, what? They put strawberry in it? Hold the door, I'm a comin'!

Clear, with a lightly pinkish tint. Slim head, soon gone.

In the nose: sweet strawberry aroma, little else. What else do you want? Sweet and lovely.

In the mouth: Smooth and clean, with ever-so delightful strawberry flavor. Mmm, nice. Light bodied, light flavor, light, light, light. Strawberry lager, la, la, la. It is what it is, it's a lager, and there's strawberry and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Once in a while. Strawberry lager is a sometimes beer, as the new-fangled  Cookie Monster would say. Don't you go all addicted to it and demand that the brewery make it all year 'round. Don't you dare. That way lies madness. Strawberry CHUDs forever? No, now and then, friends. Not forever. No.

strawberry c.h.u.d. how to be a barry: step 1. present birth certificate to our registrar. step 2. receive a storkly spanking. step 3. berry on, barry! 

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