Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative Lavender Uprising IPA

The new local breweries won't stop, it seems. Two grand openings (or is it three?) and a soft one this weekend, and not long ago another new one in NorthEast Minneapolis. This one, Broken Clock Cooperative, has taken over the space formerly used by 56 Brewing, and will not be able to have a taproom, without certain changes to the building. My opportunities to visit and have a pint or three will be just as limited as they were for 56. Like 56, they will be open for samples and growler sales, and maybe some day soon I'll make it out there on a day off of work. But, I don't have to wait to try the beer, thanks to the Sample Man, who hooked me up with four sample bottles. Let's get to the first one right off, a lavender IPA.

Broken Clock Lavender Uprising. 7.5% ABV. 89 IBU.

Lightly hazed, bright golden, solid snow-white head atop.

In the nose: soft, floral, slightly sweet. Light bitterness.

In the mouth: More bitterness jumps on board the palate, matched swiftly by the lavender flavor. What? Yeah. Okay. Huh. And the bitterness grows, and we know it's an IPA, and that lavender never leaves. Interesting. Intriguing, even. Not really what I want to drink, but not bad in the slightest.

Huh. It's a curiosity, but does not deliver the sort of satisfaction I desire. I can't see this being a "regular IPA", and every brewery needs it's regular IPA.

Editor's note: I originally wrote these notes a few weeks ago, hence the untimely comments about brewery openings. I think I was going to do all of the Broken Clock beers in one post, but I've changed my mind about that.

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