Thursday, July 27, 2017

LynLake Bourbon Peach Treat

LynLake Brewery Bourbon Peach Treat. 10% ABV, 40 IBU. Lyn Lake Brewery, Minneapolis, MN.
The first bottled beer I've brought home from these guys.

Highly hazed, burgundy hued, slim, soon-gone head.

In the nose: Smoke. Whiskey. Cherries. Tobacco. Much malt. Peach? Eh. Kind of messy, actually. Not quite coherent.

In the mouth: Here's that barley-wine I was looking for: sweet malt, minor hop bitterness, big, bold booze. A little bit smokey, good dose of fruit, delicious.

I'm going to read the label and figure this one out: "Bourbon Peach Treat Bourbon Barrel-aged English Barleywine-10% ABV. Smokey Treat, our English Barley Wine, aged in Old Forrester Bourbon Barrels. Intense chewy honey & caramel flavors beneath a Cherrywood smoked malt base. Fermentation derived aromas of stone fruit. All fooling around on a bed of peaches for a decadent dessert sipper. Release date: 4/26/17."

I'm getting a taste of the peach, but it's not too prominent, just a little taste. Just enough bourbon, just enough barley-wine, but not quite enough.  This is okay, but it's not quite ...good. And when I say good, I mean Good. Not great, not Good. "Okay."

Update: As we go forward, it's getting better and better....Is it because I'm getting drunker and drunker?

I bought this in May and opened it in July. Maybe I should have sat on it longer? Well, even if this was a little disappointing, I'll keep my eye on these guys and give them another chance.

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