Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Forager Blackened Gose (Lime)

Crowler brought home from Rochester last Sunday, 7/9. First one personally brought back by myself. Pretty excited about that, actually. Although, I never mind a mule. Hint, hint.

Blackened gose, lime. Forager Brewing, Rochester, MN. 4.4% ABV. 4 IBU.

Lightly hazed, bright amber color, slim white head.

In the nose: Intensely tart and lemony sour. Big time.

In the mouth: Fresh and refreshing. A lot of sour going a long way. Lean bodied, minimal texture, but a lot of sour going on. Mmm, big ol' black lime-y flavor going on.

Exceptionally easy drinking, an utter delight.

"German Gose: A culinary interpretation of this old German style ale gets the addition of blackened limes made in our kitchen. A mild salinity, and the citrus forward taste is reminiscent of yellow gatorade. Thirst quenching and unique after a day in the sun."

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