Friday, July 7, 2017

Sisyphus Isaac the Waxman India Pale Ale

Sisyphus Isaac the Wax Man. 7.4% ABV. 80 IBU. Sisyphus Brewing, Minneapolis, MN.

Sure, you've heard of Isaac the Fax Man, but didn't you know about the Wax Man? I hadn't either, and when I saw it on the menu, I assumed it was a typo. Then, I heard about Sax Man, which I missed somehow. How many other Isaac the _-Axmans can there be?

There world may never know.  The
website only describes Wax Man thusly:
 "Multi-hopped wheat IPA." No, wait, there's more: "Extra wheat version of Fax Man." Is it also Citra/Mosaic like Fax Man? I heard it's a
completely different bunch, but I can't recall
which ones.

Lightly hazed, pale golden color, slim white head.

In the nose: Citrus-y, lemon-y, a trifle tropical. Very nice.

In the mouth: Bitterness hits first, pleasant and citric, then smooth and malty. Drinkable as they get, while still giving a hoppy kick. Medium bodied, smooth, light, crisp and delightful. Keep 'em coming, Ax Man.

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